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Myles Above Award

                                            In Memory of Myles Owen Brastow

                                                                  3/15/93 – 9/24/10

The “Myles Above” Award was created in 2011 in memory of Attleboro Hockey player Myles Owen Brastow who lost his life in a motorcycle accident on his way to school September 24, 2010. Myles would have graduated with the class of 2011.

Myles will always be remembered for the way he made people feel. Always smiling and making people laugh. Everyone who knew Myles has their own unique story of how they remembered him and his one of a kind personality. Before becoming a member of the high school hockey team Myles played his youth hockey in the Pawtucket organization and then four years playing on the Attleboro Jr. High team. A two state champion Myles was very excited about his Sr. year in hockey and at school before that tragic day that claimed his life.

“Myles Above” award was created by Myles’ mother Melissa Brastow and Myles youth hockey coach Jim Beauregard to recognize the top student hockey player with the highest grade point average from freshman year through January marking period  Jr. year. The winner will receive a $250 credit towards their user fee for their Sr. year. The winner must have played at least two years in either the JV or Varsity program to be eligible and must be playing hockey in their Sr. year to receive the $250.00 credit paid directly to school as a reduction in user fees.

We hope this will always help carry his spirit on and off the ice.



Congratulations to past reciepients of the Myles Above Award
                   Ryan Holske 2011-2012
                   Travis Tanquay 2012-2013
                   Ben And Luke Chomyszak  2013-2014

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