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Hobey Baker Award

The Hobey Baker Award

As the country’s most celebrated amateur athlete of the early twentieth century, Hobey Baker was a genuine superstar on both the ice and gridiron. He is the only individual to be inducted in both the Hockey Hall of Fame and the College Hall of Fame. Today the Hobey Baker Memorial Award is college hockey’s equivalent to the Heisman Trophy, and is awarded annually to the country’s most talented player. Thousands admired the gifted, handsome athlete including F. Scott Fitzgerald who patterned several of his memorable characters after Baker.
When the Great War broke out in Europe, Hobey joined the legendary Lafayette Escadrille and took part in deadly air battles alongside Eddie Rickenbacker against the feared Flying Circus of Baron Richthofen, the Red Baron, over the trenches and death fields of France.
Just weeks after the armistice ended the horrific carnage, Baker lost his life in a senseless and mysterious plane crash, his orders to return home discovered tucked in his jacket pocket. He was twenty-six years old. His story is one of courage, adventure, chivalry and suspense in the final days before the Great War forever shattered America’s innocence

We are excited to announce the Hobey Baker High School Character Award.


The goal of the Hobey Baker High School Character Award is to develop, recognize, and reward exemplary character and sportsmanship demonstrated by our high school hockey players.  The development and recognition of exemplary character and sportsmanship in our high school hockey players is an extremely important aspect of the student-athlete experience.  This high school level award is a natural extension of the prestigious Hobey Baker Memorial Award given to the nation’s top collegiate hockey player and sportsman. 


Each varsity high school hockey head coach should follow the process outlined, with each coach selecting the member of their team who best exemplifies the characteristics of sportsmanship and character represented by the Hobey Baker Memorial Award. 

We believe the extension of the Hobey Baker Memorial Award to the high school level is a tremendous way to promote a lasting positive influence on the sport of hockey at the high school level.

Attleboro Bombardiers Hockey Award winners:

2013-2014 Chad Nadeau

2012-2013 Zach Dragun 

2011-2012  Jake Renolds

2010-2011  Matt Whittingham

2009-2010   Tyler Dias

2008-2009   Bryan Fricot


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