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Zach Seidlitz Scholarship

The History of the Zach Seidlitz Memorial Schorarship

Zach Seidlitz was one of the most popular kids from the class of 2001 at AHS.  A talented hockey and baseball player for the Bombardiers, Zach's engaging smile earned him the nickname "Sunshine".
On a typical Friday night, July 20, 2001, just 40 days after graduation, Tim Colletto who was the goalie, and Zach Seidlitz decided to head out. Very excited about the up coming college year, and their futures, the two friends talked over a few beers and drove around. What took place shortly after that became every parent's nightmare. A call to the Coletto's that Tim had been in a very bad car accident, and was in the hospital. No other infomation was available other then to get there. When they arrived they were told that Tim had some minor injuries, a concussion, and a few cuts and bruises. The worst news was yet to come, the news that Zach was dead, and that Tim was the driver, and that drinking had been involved. After the long and painfull process of burying his friend, followed by a trial in court, Tim wouldn't be heading to his new dorm at college, but to prison to serve time. For the next 2 1/2 years, Tim would be confined to a jail cell, his dreams shattered, and the anguish he now has to live with every day for the rest of his life.

Tim was released after one year for good behavior, and on probation for the next five years. Still today, without a drivers license, and not sure if he will ever get it back, Tim has gone on to be sucessful in his career, but every day he wakes up knowing that his good friend is gone because of a stupid mistake that they both made.

To remember Zach, who's life was so tragically cut short, the "Friends of Attleboro Hockey Booster Club" awards the Zach Seidlitz Memorial Scholarship to one or two qualified seniors on the Attleboro High School Hockey team who plan to advance their education. This annual memorial scholarship is funded by the Colleto family to honor Zach Seidlitz, the former athlete and friend of Attleboro High School. Scholarship winners are chosen from the graduating seniors that are planning on going to a college to further their education. The winners are selected by the coaches, and with input from the Board of Directors, based on team participation, educational participation, and sportsmanship.
 Here is a picture of Zach Seidlitz #17 playing for the Attleboro Bombardiers.  Tim Colletto is the goalie.   


Congratulations to the reciepients of this award

2011-2012   Alex 'Gerb' Christensian and Kevin Bacchiocchi 
2012-2013   Zach Dragun and Nevin Esperian 
2013-2014  Zach Larkin and Travis Tanguay

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