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Association By-Laws

Friends of Attleboro Hockey Association


Amended March 16, 2010


I.              Article IName

                      A.      The name of the organization shall formally be known as:




II.  Article II – Mission Statement


                The association shall be comprised of parents and other volunteers interested in promoting ice hockey in the City of Attleboro. The FRIENDS OF Attleboro Hockey Association’s purpose is to promote and support ice hockey within the City of Attleboro by working with the Attleboro School system and providing financial support as required. The Association shall engage in fundraising events in order to provide the necessary financial support.


III. Article  III– Objectives

                    A.  As stated at the annual meeting

                    B.  The objectives shall be attained by devising and implementing various     

.                         fundraising events and activities




IV. Article IV – Membership

                    A. Membership shall include all persons who wish to promote the activities  

                          promoted by the FRIENDS OF ATTLEBORO HOCKEY ASSOCIATION.

                    B.  General members present will each be allowed one, non-transferable vote on                 

                          any given motion that require voting at general membership meetings. Members must have attended

                          one previous meeting during that year to be allowed to vote at a general membership meeting.

                    C.  Each member shall be supplied with a copy of the by-laws and any  

                          subsequent amendments.

                    D.  General membership may be denied, revoked, or suspended due to either  

                          failure to maintain membership status, or by conduct that is deemed 

                          detrimental to the image and purpose of the organization. Denial, revocation,

                          or suspension of membership must be executed by a 2/3 vote of the Board of

                          Directors. Such members may appeal the decision of the Board to a general membership

                          meeting, which on a 2/3 vote may order reinstatement.

                    E.  All officers, Board members, Committee Chairs, must be in good standing,

                          as deemed by the Board of Directors and as defined by the by-laws.


V. Article V - Meetings

                    A.  General membership meetings shall be regularly scheduled and held at least  

                           twice each year on the third Thursday of the month. The general meeting shall be called the annual

                           general meeting.

                    B.  There shall be an annual general meeting of the organization on the third Thursday of January for the

                           purpose of nominating principle officers of the Executive Board, receiving reports, and

                           transacting the business of the organization.

                          The meeting shall be open to all active and honorary members in good standing. Notice of

                           said meeting will be issued by the Secretary, and E-mailed to the last recorded address of each

                           member in good standing at least fourteen (14) days prior to the time appointed 


                     C.  A general membership meeting shall be held on the third Thursday of February for the   

                           purpose of holding elections for principle officers of the Executive Board, receiving reports, and

                           transacting the business of the organization.


                     D.  Special general meetings shall be called by the president upon written request of

                           five (5) general members. The president must state the objective (s) of the

                           meeting. A seven (7) day advanced notice is required to membership, and the

                           meeting shall be limited to the stated objectives.

                    E.  Two-thirds of the members shall constitute a quorum for general meetings of any


                    F.  The order of business at all other meetings (General and Board of directors) shall


                           1.  Roll Call

                           2.  Minutes from previous meetings

                           3. Treasure’s report

                           4.  Communications

                           5.  Committee reports

                           6.  Special reports

                           7.  Old business

                           8.  New business

                           9.  Adjournment


                    F.  The President may reschedule general membership meetings with proper


                    G.  Rules of Order:  Robert’s rules of Order shall govern the proceedings of all



VI. Article VI – Elective Officers


                      A.  The elective officers of the board shall be a President, Vice President,

                            Secretary, Treasurer, and Fund Raising Chair (known hereafter as the

                            Executive Board).


                      B.  Duties of the Officers

                            1. Duties of President

                                 It shall be the duty of the president to take charge of the organization, to preside at all of the

                                 meetings of the organization. He/She shall have the entire supervision and management of

                                 the organization, and its property, pending the action of the Board of Directors, the power to

                                 suspend any member for violating the By-Laws of the organization, pending the approval of

                                 the Board of Directors, and to call special meetings. He/She shall be an ex-officio member of all


                            2.  Duties of the Vice President

                                 It shall be the duties of the Vice President to assist the President in the discharge of His/Her duties.

                                 In addition, in the absence of the President, the Vice President will assume the duties of the

                                 President and to officiate at any general membership or Board meetings.

                            3.  Duties of the Treasurer

                                The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the organization, and shall keep a record of all

                                 receipts and disbursements, and shall render a written report at the general membership meetings,

                                 or when requested by the President or the Board of Directors. The funds shall be deposited in the  

                                 name of the organization in a bank approved by the Board of Directors. All disbursements made

                                 by check shall be signed by the Treasurer, or the President of the organization.

                            4.  Duties of the Secretary

                                 It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep minutes of the organization, and the Board of  

                                 Directors, and to supervise all reports and documents connected with the business of the

                                 organization. In addition, the Secretary shall supervise the correspondence of the organization,

                                 prepare and issue notices of all meetings including meetings of the Board of Directors.

                            5.  Duties of the Fundraising Chair Person

                                 It shall be the duty of the Fundraising Chair to devise and implement ways to raise money

                                 To support the organization. The Fundraising Chair Person will be assisted by the Board of

                                 Directors, and any members as they may be needed,

                                 and shall have the approval of the Board of Directors to hold any fundraising activity.


VII. Article VII – Elections

                    A.  Executive Board

                          1.  At the February general meeting, nominees for the executive Board will

                               be elected and installed.   

                          2.  The executive Board consists of the President, Vice President,

                               Secretary, Treasurer, and Fundraising Chair.

                          3.  Positions on the executive Board will be filled by votes of the general


                          4.  All elected officers of the FRIENDS OF ATTLEBORO HOCKEY ASSOCIATIONS are on a

                               one (1) year term duration. The duration of their term shall be from May 1 through April 30 of the

                               following year.

                          5.  If no nominees volunteer, the President may solicit and appoint

                               suitable candidates from the general membership with existing

                               Executive Board approval. The President may also solicit and appoint

                               two (2) alternates to the Board of Directors.


VIII. Article VIII – Committees

                      A.  Fund Raising Committee

                           1.  Committee Chair term of office is for one (1) year.

                           2.  Shall chair and oversee all fund raising activities of the association.

                           3.  Shall be responsible for devising and implementing strategies for generating revenue       

                                for the association.

                           4.  Must seek and receive Board approval for all fund raising plans.

                           5.  Shall consist of no less than two (2) members and as many others as necessary to

                                achieve their objectives.


IX. Article IX – Manner of Amending By-Laws

                     A.  These articles may be amended or repealed in whole or part, by majority vote at the

                           Annual Meeting, General Meeting or Special Meeting.


X. Article X – By-Laws

                      A.  By-Laws will be hereafter adopted. By-Laws may be amended or repealed in whole, or in

                            Part, in a manner provided therein, and the amendments to the by-laws shall be binding on all

                            members, including those who may have voted against them.


XI. Article XI- Assets Upon Dissolution

                     A.  Upon dissolution of the organization, any assets remaining after payment, or provision of payment of

                           all debts and liabilities of this organization, shall be distributed to a nonprofit foundation associated

                          with Attleboro High School, which is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, and

                          which has established its tax-exempt status under Section 501© (3) 0f the Internal Revenue Code. All

                          final expenditures must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors




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